Request to Withdraw from the DBE/ACDBE Certification Program for Currently Approved DBEs

Once you are certified as a DBE/ACDBE, if you decide that you no longer wish to be DBE/ACDBE certified, you may request to withdraw from the DBE/ACDBE program by having the disadvantaged owner(s) that own at least 51% of the firm submit a letter that they sign and date, and which is notarized, that states that the firm wishes to withdraw from the DBE/ACDBE program. Please find a DBE/ACDBE Withdrawal Letter template which you can complete here:

The Request to Withdraw from the DBE/ACDBE Certification Program process has two steps:

  1. Complete the DBE/ACDBE Withdrawal Letter from above
  2. Click the link below to email the DBE/ACDBE Withdrawal Letter to us:

If you’re not on the right DBE page, return to the initial DBE page here: DBE.

If you need assistance in applying for DBE/ACDBE certification or submitting the DBE/ACDBE annual submission requirement documents, please contact one of our regional offices for appointments with one of the Transportation Business Development Specialists. Click here for office contact information.

DBE Information and Regulations

Additional Information and Regulations Governing DBE is below.

VDOT requires prospective bidders to be prequalified for all construction and maintenance contracts. The contractor prequalification is also necessary for subcontractors.

Title 49 – Transportation, Part 26 – Participation by Disadvantaged Business Enterprises in Department of Transportation Financial Assistance Programs.

Request for copies of DBE file by Company Owner.